Hello 8th Grade Patriot Partners,

Eighth grade graduation photos for Barack and Michelle Obama Schools are scheduled for the following dates in January:

OLS - January 12, 8:30-3PM; enter right side of door 1 and exit left side of door 1

MOS - January 14, 8:30-3PM; enter door 13 and exit door 14

Due to COVID-19, students must receive their personal cap and gown prior to the scheduled photo session date. You must complete the form below to submit measurements by this Friday, December 4, 2020. (Step 1 below) This is urgent. 

Use the link below to select your school and sign-up for one time spot. Photos will only be taken on the one given date for each school. (Step 2 below)

Students will take two photos; one with an appropriate outfit of choice and the other with a cap and gown.  Students will enter the specified door, take their photo, and exit accordingly. Each session will last only five minutes. Due to the health and safety of all, we are limiting entry to students only. We are asking additional family members to remain in the vehicle line. 

Step 1: Complete Cap & Gown Measurement Form 

Step 2: Sign-up for Lifetouch Photo Session  

Please do not hesitate to call our main office with questions regarding photos or cap and gowns. Thank you in advance for responding quickly. 

Rising to Excellence,

Kristin B. Foster


Michelle Obama School of Technology and the Arts