Hello District 163 Families,

During the school closure our educators have worked together to provide at home learning experiences for families with and without technology for all of our students.  We also offered interested families technology loans for students to engage in on-line learning activities at home. Our goal is to ensure continuity of education.   The Illinois State Board of Education has provided guidance that indicates student work completed during the mandated statewide school closure must not negatively impact a student’s grade or academic standing.   Attendance is not mandatory as these Act of God days are not instructional days. 

Our teachers will be monitoring your child’s at home learning activity through Class Dojo and Google Classroom; however, at home learning will not negatively impact a student’s academic standing. It is important that you and your child communicate with the teacher as participation and completion of activities will be recorded.  Paper-based at-home learning can be submitted to your child’s school for review by dropping off packets at your home school on Monday, March 30, 2020 or upon return to school.  However, for faster turnaround and teacher feedback we are strongly encouraging technology based at-home learning.  Assignments will not be graded, but monitored for participation. We strongly encourage daily participation to ensure that students maintain their academic skills and daily educational routines.  

Thank you for your partnership.