Meeting of administrators

Superintendent Dr. Caletha White delivers a powerful and inspiring message as she greets guests at the reception in her honor.  "I have sons that have attended the University of Chicago, Northwestern and Harvard. Those possibilities that my sons have are the same possibilities I want for every child here. Whether children here decide to attend a local college or university or go somewhere across the United States of America it is our responsibility, the people standing in this room, to support them, to give them those opportunities, to build the vision of hope for them."

Among the guests present were State Representative Al Riley and State Representative and Vice Chairperson of the Appropriations Committee for Elementary and Secondary Education, Will Davis. Both elected officials congratulated Dr. White and shared important information regarding the newly adopted Evidence Based Funding Model. Board President, Lance L. Jefferson, thanked and applauded the work of the staff and community members who served on the Superintendent Search Committee and voiced strong confidence in Dr. White's leadership and the future of District 163.

During the reception, Dr. White told the assembled guests, “I entered teaching 28 years ago because I wanted to spend my life igniting curiosity in children and sparking their desire to learn. I became excited when I saw the light in children’s faces when they learned to read. That excitement has not dimmed. At District 163, we build the foundation for students and make sure that each life is important. I move forward with the intention to provide excellent experiences for our children under my watch. Every child who walks into our schools will know they are loved and valued."