• From the Web

    Office 365 apps are all conveniently located in our cloud-based environment. Open a web browser and login at login.microsoftonline.com.

    Work on your Personal Devices

    All faculty and staff may download the full Office suite for their personal use on up to 5 computers, including PC and Mac. Members can also use Office mobile apps on iPhones, Android, and Windows phones or tablets.  

    This service is free and available while active staff members of the School District. Once you have left the District, your Microsoft Office subscription will end. Learn how to install these desktop or mobile apps with our instructions below.

    Email on your mobile Device

    Setup your district email so that you can stay informed anywhere you go.

    ITS mail servers are configured with to allow your smart phone and tablet to synchronize your email, calendar and contacts.

    See instructions below for configuration of your Office 365 account on common mobile devices.