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Principal's Letter

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    Dear Visitors,

    The future of our current generation of students will require a robust and innovative educational foundation.  According to the United States Department of Education (2014) “America must provide students with a strong education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to prepare them to succeed in the global economy. Scientists and engineers create many of the innovations that drive our Nation’s competitiveness, yet many American students are unprepared in math and science, particularly students from underrepresented groups, and the nation’s STEM workforce needs are not being met.”


    We acknowledge the needs of our future generation and society.  Therefore, as educational leaders we are committed to helping our students become active learners who advance civilization locally and globally.


    At the Barack Obama School of Leadership and Technology, our students will become:

    • Problem solvers with the ability to define questions and problems, design investigations to gather, collect, and organize data, draw conclusions, and apply understandings to new and novel situations.
    • Innovators who can creatively use science, mathematics, and technology concepts/principles and apply them to the engineering design process.
    • Inventors who recognize the needs of the world and creatively design, test, redesign, and implement solutions.
    • Self-reliant learners who are able to take initiative and utilize self-motivation to set agendas, develop and gain self-confidence, and work within specified time frames.
    • Logical thinkers who possess the ability to apply rational and logical thought processes of science, mathematics, and engineering design to create innovation and invention.
    • Technologically literate citizens of the world who understand and explain the nature of technology, and who have developed the skills needed to choose and apply technology appropriately.


    Our goal is to offer an education experience that integrates critical leadership skills with opportunities for students to problem solve and innovate creatively on a consistent basis.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to facilitate these learning experiences for the students of Park Forest-Chicago Heights School District 163.



    Dr. Erika Johnson and Dr. Ericka Patterson


    johnson  Erica   

    The Barack Obama School of Leadership
    Developing Leaders One Student at a Time