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Principal's Letter

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    As the principal of the Barack Obama School of Leadership and STEM, I want to welcome you to the Park Forest-Chicago Heights School District. We take great pride in our outstanding, research based curriculum and instruction offered to our all of our students. Our reputation in the south suburbs continues to be that of providing our students with innovative and exciting curricular opportunities.  

    We offer a strong complement of Specials instruction in the areas of Communication and Media Arts, STEM, Horticulture, Leadership, Physical Education, General Music, Art, and Spanish that enhance the regular education experience for our students. You will find professional instructors who bring their passion for these additional content areas.  Our specialists work closely with the regular education teachers to provide a meaningful experience that connects the classwork to student’s lives outside of the school.

    Developing one leader at a time – the effort to meet each child’s needs for growth socially, emotionally and academically  – is ongoing and intentional. We use formative and summative assessments to gather data on the academic growth of our students and use that data to develop appropriate classroom and individualized instruction. Regular review and revision of the curriculum help us to ensure that we are delivering the best possible learning experience for our students. We integrate a school-wide Capturing Kids Hearts Program along with a study of Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Effective Leaders into the curriculum.  Our teachers “know” their students, identifying strengths, challenges, and passions while striving for a positive school experience and love of learning.

    Advanced Learning offerings, Reading support, Mathematics support, and Special Education services afford students the opportunity to grow rapidly through active support and intervention.

    We acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in the success of the schools and we enjoy a close relationship with our Parent/Teacher Organization and community volunteers. Their invaluable support has generated funding to enhance our educational programming. 

    Again, welcome to the OLS Family (Obama Leadership and STEM).  It is my pleasure to serve the district, the community and our most valuable assets, the children.

    Dr. Ericka Patterson
    Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
    Barack Obama School of 
    Leadership and STEM
    Director of District Reading Program

    Lori Colbert
    Assistant Principal,
    Barack Obama School of
    Leadership and STEM