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Principal's Letter

  • wb The summer is gone and we are all back in the building and in the classrooms, excited about the 2017-2018 school year!!!!! Teachers and staff members have been working diligently to prepare our building for our precious cargo.  It is hard to believe that the summer went by so quickly. I hope that everyone had a restful and enjoyable vacation with the opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

    As we begin a new school year, we find teachers establishing school standards and rules.  In the most successful classrooms, teachers have established specific routines for the children to follow.  This means giving the children a specific place to find and keep materials, a set schedule for classroom instruction, etc.  These routines, blended with the teacher’s consistent standards, form a smooth running classroom where the children have the security of understanding their environment and are reinforced positively for their contributions.

         At home, it is also important to provide routines.  Many families build a daily “quiet time” when the television is turned off.  This quiet time provides students the opportunity for completing schoolwork or for recreational reading.  If you make reading a priority in your home, then your child’s reading level may increase. The routine of a daily quiet time provides an opportunity to develop self-discipline, stimulate imagination, and enhance reading skills.

    As principal, I would like to encourage all parents to establish routines and create schedules that will help your children to become the best that they can be for this school year. Early bedtimes make waking up and learning much easier. Make a point of ensuring that your child eats a balanced breakfast every day. Studies have shown that children who eat a good breakfast, have more endurance during the day and perform better in school. Also extremely important is attendance. One of the most important things your child can do to achieve academic success is also one of the most basic: going to school every day. In fact, research has shown that your child's attendance record may be the biggest factor influencing their academic success. Getting students to bed early, eating healthy, and getting to school on time are great habits to establish for a phenomenal school year!

    People of all ages master new subjects by being able to apply what they learned to other situations. Knowing what your child is learning in school allows you the opportunity to reinforce those concepts at home. Talk to your child’s teacher, find out what your child is learning at school. Use those topics and skills as a part of your family time.  For example, if your child is learning to tell time, you can set times for certain activities, and put your child in charge of telling you when it is time to go. If you are in need of ideas to reinforce skills at home, your child’s teacher is anxiously awaiting your call or visit to support you in your child’s journey to academic success.


    All registration information and school
    supply lists for all grade levels can be found via
    the internet at Please make sure
    that supplies are replenished throughout the
    school year.

    Student drop off and pick up routines are the same
    as last year. During the first few weeks of school, as
    students are learning the safety routines, the parking lot
    will be blocked for arrival and dismissal. Please make sure
    that you park on the street and walk up to retrieve your
    child(ren). The only modes of transportation that are
    allowed in the parking lot are the district vans/busses,
    daycare transportation (must register their vehicle in the
    office), and parent cars that display a handicap
    sticker/license plate. As always the kindergarten students
    will be released from the kindergarten door, and must be
    picked up by an adult or a designated responsible
    teenager. On rainy days all students will be dismissed from the gym.


    Speaking of Safety

    • Flip flop shoes are not allowed on the playground
    • Earrings are only allowed in both ears
    • Halter tops/back out tops/spaghetti straps are not allowed
    • Lipstick and Make-up can only be worn by teachers
    • Weapons (or toy weapons) of any sort are not allowed

    For the complete listing of school rules and expectations please review the parent handbook.

    Please be on the lookout for our school calendar to keep you updated on our
    upcoming exciting events. Also, monthly parent calendars, and our parent
    information bulletin board will also keep you aware of our upcoming events.
    As children grow and learn, they find joy and satisfaction in working closely
    with their families toward a common goal. Such is the case with the students at
    Mohawk Primary School. Commitment to the best for our children on the part of
    parents, students and staff is the key to our success with the children we teach. It
    is the hope of the staff that all parents will help us fulfill this commitment to
    excellence on behalf of ALL children at Mohawk Primary School. School and home
    can work together to build skills and knowledge, reinforce values, and develop a
    strong sense of self-worth. We must invest our time and energies in our nation’s
    most valuable resource - our children.

    Mrs. Chinn
    Principal, Mohawk Primary Center